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[2018 Cool & Creative 3D Shark Fin Ice Tray]
Release date:[2018/6/30] Read a total of[598]time

Fin Ice Tray (9).jpg

Got tired of the small traditional shark fin ice all overy  the place? The 2018 Innovatory 3D Shark Fin Ice will blow your mind!

Large shark fin ice, one piece will be enough for cooling a cup of whiskey or cocktail. Water ripples around the shark fin, making vivid and horrific drinks, which can be a very great item for April Fools' Day and Halloween. Now is available in ZDSilicone!

The cool new Giant 3D Shark Tail shaped ice mold is made from FDA certified silicone. With the whole size of 6.8*6.8*5cm, it will not take up too much space in your freezer. Even better, there is the lid for not spilling water or drinks before putting in refrigerator.

Fin Ice Tray (6).jpg

Item#: ZDIT-023

Dimensions: 6.8cm x 6.8cm x 5cm / 2.7”x 2.7”x 1.9”

Available Colors:  Black, orange, blue, red, white, Pantone color

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