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[Octangle Spiral Silicone Pen Case Pencil Bag]
Release date:[2018/7/14] Read a total of[698]time

Are you looking for a stylish stationery case for keeping your bag and desk tidy? Here we introduce our classy creative pen & pencil case to organize all your stationery needs. A pen organizer to keep your pen safe, make you more efficiency. 

It's idea is to create a soft, durable, large capacity and good holding feeling pen case. The top and bottom are created based on the exquisite, decent, and concise octangle shape. 

The pen case is constituted by rotating extension lines from the top to the bottom. It's spiral body leads to different light and shadow, which is also an object of artistic appreciation.

silicone pencil case.jpg

The unique pencil case brings quality fun to any arts, crafts, or homework activity; and it's also a great teaching incentive for kids!

Giving it as a gift to family members and friends, they must love it very much.


  · Made of flexible, endurable, waterproof silicone material
  · Creative distinct design
  · Pens, markers, pencils, scissors, short rulers and more organized in this stylish case
  · Can be customized to any Pantone color
  · Smooth zipper
  · Comfortable feeling of touch


Material: silicone, nylon zipper

Design: Octangle

Dimensions: 205mm x 73mm (60mm)

Color: Beige, pinkish-purple, sandy beige (customized other colors available)

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